Friday, January 29, 2010

So what is Digital Scrapbooking?

So have you made your way to my blog with simple curiosity of what digital scrapbooking is??

Digital Scrapbooking is a creative art form and a unique craft that allows you to create albums and pages for albums all on computers. You are able to use basic or advance photo editing software to uniquely combine pre-created graphic images to place with your family photos.

Here is an example of what a digital scrapbooking layout looks like

This is a layout I created using what they call a "kit" created by a wonderful woman named Shawna Clingerman. 

So now you are asking and wondering 

What is a kit?

a kit is a collection of similar graphics designed by someone that will work very easily in photo editing software.
This kit is called Kickstart and you purchase them from Digital Scrapbooking stores 

Here Shawna has set up an image that shows you everything that is include in her kit.

So before I explain what the kit is you'll need alittle glossary..... and the lovely CropMom has one for you

So now that you have a simple understanding of what digital scrapbooking entails... next you need to know what kind of photo editing programs you have or you need to have.

will be your most commonly used

adobe photoshop cs3 is what I use, and its what all my tutorials and demos will be on.

So lets sum up what you need to have to begin a digital scrapbooking layout.

1.A computer that has a photo editing software such as photoshop.
2. A digital kit with that suits your photo.
3. A photo in JPEG format.

you have that... you are ready to begin. I'll be back soon to give you a step by step tutorial on creating your first digital layout.

xoxo Susan

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